I'm a Personal Trainer in Moseley, Birmingham UK, with particular expertise in circus fitness, flexibility for athletes, and weight lifting.

"Halo is absolutely amazing! She knows and loves so much about fitness which makes it so much fun to train with her. In just six weeks I've made some major progress thanks to her.:) Thank you Halo x" Review from Alisa W.


training philosophy

Getting fit isn’t about grinding out endless repetitions, and personal training shouldn’t be just counting the reps for you – it needs to be specific to your goals, your physiology, and what you enjoy.


My philosophy of training is simple – do what is right for YOU. No pumping out of identikit programmes here! I enjoy working with people to design programmes that don’t just fit into their lives; they help improve them. Whether you want to increase your overall mobility, gain some muscle, or work on a specific skill area, I can help you find that path.

my personal story

Firstly, a perhaps surprising confession. I am not naturally athletic. Nope, in fact the only thing I’ve ever been a natural at is reading, a notably sedentary activity. Despite the handicap of being rather clumsy and mal-coordinated, I have thrown myself into a wide range of activities.


Over the years in South Africa (where I was born), in America (where I studied), and here in the UK I’ve taken part in swimming, martial arts, surfing, ice-hockey, roller derby, circus, rock climbing, hiking, weight lifting, yoga, pilates, ballet, lindy hop dancing, horse riding and more I’ve probably forgotten about. At not a single one of these activities did I display an iota of natural talent. Any impartial observer watching my first forays into any of these disciplines would have rated my performance somewhere between “sucky” and “not even sure what she’s trying to do”.


So, given that I’m not a natural sports person, why would you want to train with me? Train with me because I know how hard it can be to improve your physical capabilities, and I respect that journey. I didn’t take naturally to any of the things I tried, but through perseverance (some might say stubbornness) I improved to the point where I won medals in Taekwon-Do, started lapping people in the pool, and secured podium places in marathon events. Being “a natural” certainly helps, but it’s not the only way to succeed. No matter where you are now, I know you’re capable of great things.


The stubbornness I learnt through having to struggle for every gain I made came in handy when I became very ill in 2010. I was hit by an incurable autoimmune disease that left me virtually paralysed from the cheekbones down and in unceasing agony. I went from running 100+ miles a week to being bedbound and needing help to even brush my teeth. The slew of hardcore medications didn’t help, and I was given a depressingly downward “disease progression pathway”. It took every ounce of grit I had, and a lot of support, but 8 months later I stood up, and within another year I was back in work. Since that time I’ve joined a circus, and now I don’t just walk, I fly.


All my experience has taught me that everyone has their own path to physical happiness, and I love that my life is now helping other people to find theirs. 

other interests

Apart from flying around at the circus, I’m an unashamed geek (there are no guilty pleasures). I have an ever increasing comic book collection and have been to the odd con, even enjoyed a bit of cosplay. Reading in general is a passion, one that often threatens to overwhelm the already laden bookshelves. I like kung-fu movies, yelling advice at World’s Strongest Man whilst eating peanut butter from the jar (“just lift it!”), travelling whenever I can, and having adventures.


On a more daily basis, creating recipes and trying out cuisines from around the world keeps our kitchen full of new smells and tastes, and is often an adventure in itself.


I am registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) and have full insurance through them. I have First Aid certification, am a qualified Personal Trainer, and have been through the National Centre for Circus Arts (NCCA) training for how to teach acrobatics, and aerial, gaining certificates in both. I am a certified kettlebell and suspension instructor too. Outside of fitness I have a BA (Hons) in American and Canadian Studies, and an MPhil in US Foreign Policy with my specialist topic being the evolution of psychological warfare in fourth generational warfare environments.


I also have a lot of Girl Guiding badges, including one in fire starting that I’m very proud of. It’s harder than Bear Grylls makes it look. 

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